Sam/Bucky Week

Spanning July 24-30, Sam/Bucky week is a chance for fans to come together and nerd out over these two idiots, as well as to generate new works and interest in the pairing.

What’s allowed: fanfic, fanart, meta, headcanons, fanvids, edits, etc. All works are welcomed so long as they are Sam/Bucky-centric. There’s no need to create works strictly for suggestions following prompts; each prompt is designed to function as a starting point from which ideas can branch out.  

DAY 1. Attraction. Why Sam/Bucky? What attracts you to the pairing? What might attract Sam and Bucky to one another (physically, mentally, as friends, as lovers)? What traits/interests do they share or admire in one another? How does their relationship begin (and what may impede it)?

DAY 2. Firsts. Milestones and everything in-between. First kiss? First mission together? First date? First time flying? First disagreement/fight? First time spending the night with one another?

DAY 3. Intimacy. Sexytimes. Kinks. Doin’ the do.

DAY 4. Conflicts. Both internal and external, physical and mental. Their insecurities, fears, limitations.

DAY 5. AU. Alternative universes and canon divergences. Points in which canon could have gone differently. Wing AU, Harry Potter AU, Soulmate AU, Coffee Shop AU, School AU, Mermaid AU, Vampire AU, any AU you can dream up.

DAY 6. Downtime. Their domestic life, how they spend their downtime, cooking, hobbies, games, fluff, etc.

DAY 7. Free day!!! Today is the day for whatever your heart desires; have fun!

Nick x The man who plays Galaga [idk why, i’d like to imagine them nerding over retro/arcade games] - bjomolf

omg the stupid
galaga dude
nick catching him the first time he tried to sneak in a round of galaga
like maybe sometime at night while it’s quiet & he didn’t know nick was around
and dude totally about to shit himself when nick pops up, right?
nick hard face at first
but breaks into a sly smile & tells him to scoot over
and ends up playing a few rounds with him while flirting/unwinding

angel bucky
sam’s guardian angel
pulled sam to safety and held him close
as they watched riley burn from the sky
whispering I’m so sorry, please forgive me 
knowing he couldn’t save them both, and what this would do to sam
glad for the first time that sam didn’t even know he existed
so that sam wouldn’t know just how badly bucky was letting him down