Nick x The man who plays Galaga [idk why, i’d like to imagine them nerding over retro/arcade games] - bjomolf

omg the stupid
galaga dude
nick catching him the first time he tried to sneak in a round of galaga
like maybe sometime at night while it’s quiet & he didn’t know nick was around
and dude totally about to shit himself when nick pops up, right?
nick hard face at first
but breaks into a sly smile & tells him to scoot over
and ends up playing a few rounds with him while flirting/unwinding

angel bucky
sam’s guardian angel
pulled sam to safety and held him close
as they watched riley burn from the sky
whispering I’m so sorry, please forgive me 
knowing he couldn’t save them both, and what this would do to sam
glad for the first time that sam didn’t even know he existed
so that sam wouldn’t know just how badly bucky was letting him down

Sam/Bucky NSFW Headcanon Meme - Firsts

Firsts. First times (e.g. kiss, having sex, admitting a kink, first misunderstanding, when and how their first time occurs, first time they catch one another getting off, etc.). x

The first time they kiss is tender and steady, a warm press of lips asking Is This Okay? This is immediately followed up with a series of How About Now, What About If I-, and a How Do You Feel About This

Their first time came naturally, easy and entirely unplanned. It was a warm, sunny afternoon when they fell into bed together, laughing about some stupid joke they had just cracked, when chaste kisses began lingering, then trailing, down jawlines and throats, mouths sucking at the hard muscle jointed between neck and shoulder. They took their time with one another, every caress deliberate, asking for consent before every new venture, until they found themselves in entirely new territory. Sam takes Bucky by the hand, guiding first a single, flesh and blood finger of Bucky’s into him, and then slipping his own in alongside it to show Bucky just how and where he likes to be stroked from within. Bucky eagerly takes over from here and they both lose themselves for what feels like hours as Sam opens up around him. Then it’s Sam sliding down onto Bucky, slick and smooth, till he’s fully seated on his lap. Their foreheads pressed together as Sam rides Bucky, soft pants filling the air between words of adoration. Sam is the first to lose himself, claiming Bucky’s mouth with his as he does so. His hips keep moving, though, grinding and gliding until Bucky is coaxed over the edge as well. Bucky slips out from Sam as they both collapse back against the sheets, fingers and limbs intertwining as they lie breathless in the growing dark. 

It takes awhile, but the first one to admit a kink is Bucky, due in large to Sam not wanting to push him into anything until he is ready to go further, and Bucky needing to work up the nerve to talk about it. They’re wrapped in each other’s arms when Bucky finally asks in a small voice, “Can we try rimming?” Sam didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of Bucky’s true love affair, the one with Sam’s ass.


Sam/Bucky NSFW Headcanon Meme!


For each number and title (e.g. 1. Attraction), provide a headcanon (e.g. Bucky is totally a butt man). The text next to each number is just to give you ideas. Reblog to answer the meme and feel free to submit answers anonymously!

  1. Firsts. First times (e.g. kiss, having sex, admitting a kink, first misunderstanding, when and how their first time occurs, first time they catch one another getting off, etc.).
  2. Sam vs. Bucky. Who is more experienced?  Who is most likely to experiment?  What might they teach each other/learn from one another? Who is most possessive? How do they compare physically? Who initiates sex the most? Who is most likely to double check that they deleted their browser history? Who is most likely to have nude pics of themselves or one another on their phone? Who’s most likely to get the other’s name tattooed across their ass (and who would be most pleased about it)? Who is most likely to initiate a quickie in public? Who initiates aftersex cuddling (if either)?
  3. Gettin’ Kinky With It. What are their biggest kinks and which might they share? Are there any they refuse to even acknowledge? Which kinks might they find out about through undeleted browser history or not-so-secret porn folders? What is the most daring/worst place they would fool around? Who is most likely to take control — and how far do they take it? How do they both feel about giving up control?
  4. Favorites. Favorite place to kiss on one another? Favorite parts of one another (e.g. booty and booty and also booty)? Favorite position? Favorite location? Favorite fantasy roleplay scenario?
  5. Doin’ The Do. How long did it take them to play through the bases? What kinks might they share and which do they disagree on? If given the choice, which song would they each pick to bang to? What’s their safeword? What do they like to be called and call one another in bed?
  6. Technology. Who texts nudes at work? Who sexts while on missions, or talks dirty over comms? How might they make use of Bucky’s arm or Sam’s wings? What other toys or props might they use?